Industry-specific challenges

The civil aerospace industry has been growing for many years; driven mainly by continuously increasing demand from international air travel. But this trend is getting more and more volatile – international order intake resulted in an highest-ever order backlog, but at the same time the main aerospace producers are battling heavily delayed deliveries. These delays show on the one hand weaknesses in the ramp-up phases of new models, especially regarding suppliers; but on the other hand they show a lack of project management competency. Experienced project management is essential to managing shortened delivery times, short-term order changes, diversified customer requirements and shorter development cycles of innovative technologies and product enhancements.
Another challenging factor for the aerospace supply chain is the consolidation of the supplier base. Will the trend move towards automotive-like structures with clear tier-1-suppliers, or would this result in giving up to much of the the OEM’s own know-how?

Fact is that current problems result in significantly increased production cost, leading to significantly declining marges even in times of increasing sales.

As in the coming years a further increase in aerospace deliveries is projected, the relevance of the above-mentioned competencies is is steadily growing.

Our competencies for your success

  • Holistic ramp-up: We support you with the enhancement of your production capacity – and beyond that with the adaption of your processes, organisational structures and infrastructure.
  • Project management: We assist with professional project management; executed by industry-experienced consultants that will ensure your delivery dates through hands-on support and the implementation of effective processes and Tools.
  • Extensive re-organisation:
    • We guide you through the structural and operational changes at the changeover from development into serial production
    • We conceptualize and implement re-alignments across all involved departments over the full product life-cycle (e.g. focus cabin)
  • Supply Chain Management: We support you with proven solutions regarding missing parts management, logistics cost reduction or an optimized supplier footprint.
  • Customization: Through an enhanced customization strategy we will achieve a radical reduction of your project cycle time.