Plant Engineering

Industry-specific challenges

Apart from fluctuations in the global economy, large industrial plant manufacturing is particularly sensitive to incalculable political framework conditions. These range from regional energy policies to international security policies. Moreover, a paradigm shift is taking place on the markets: the importance of industrial nations is declining with the rise of newly industrialized countries – both on the demand as well as on the supply side. There is a rise in major contracts but they are often sourced to the bidder who offers an all-inclusive price calculated to the lowest possible minimum. The number of mid-sized projects is declining while the percentage of services in total sales is rising. The constellation is complex: the change in global economic coordinates is just as great as technological progress and ecological dynamics.

Key questions for successful companies

  • Can market developments be estimated and anticipated? What products and services will be in demand where in the future? And will terms of reference and conditions to be expected then be attractive and reliable?
  • How can growing project complexity be effectively addressed by methods and organizationally?
  • Are there concepts and measures that can be used to structure project management more efficiently and control it more effectively?
  • How does one investigate and shape cooperations and partnerships in order to master larger plant projects organizationally in a network and implement then economically?

management excellence

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