Vehicle construction and automotive

Industry-specific challenges

In twenty years, two billion vehicles will be on the road worldwide – twice as many as today. All of these vehicles have to be developed, manufactured, operated, and disposed of. The only thing that is not expected to change in vehicle construction in the future is the principle of the wheels. Otherwise, almost everything is up for grabs: materials, drive technologies, manufacturing processes, sales structures, recycling processes. The formatted markets and established players are also subject to a radical change in structure. No comparable commodity product requires these kinds of uncompromising global strategies and at the same time flexible solutions on a local level. The market is universal – the customer is still unique.

Key questions for successful companies

  • Are there fields of innovation apart from material and energy efficiency, climate neutrality and connectivity? What innovations and niches have a justified existence in addition to the major development trends?
  • How can OEMs and their suppliers respond to the customers’ increasing expectation of variant diversity with increasing synergy and consolidation efforts and harmonize them?
  • How can the principle of “modular construction kits” be transferred from the car to agricultural machinery, from commercial vehicles to railways?
  • What inspires customer loyalty – and what is simply CRM hype? Are there concepts that have yet to be thought of and implemented in marketing and sales as well as in service?

management excellence

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