Chemical industry / life science

Industry-specific challenges

In the chemical industry, 70 percent of global production takes place in only ten countries. The issue of capacity & costs has already led to concentrated production and globalized sales. Growth is currently shifting now from North America and Western Europe to Asia, Eastern Europe, South America, and Africa. Winning these markets by establishing a presence and a local sales force are thus more important than rationalization measures and eliminating jobs at home. And two additional topics continue to be of concern to the chemical industry: research & development as well as mergers & acquisitions. The attractiveness and effectiveness of R&D locations are becoming ever more important. And the increasing need for capital for product innovations, patents, and distribution systems doesn’t just shake up what’s on the shelves, it also pushes new mergers and forms of cooperation.

Key questions for successful companies

  • In what markets is further growth probable with the company’s product range? And what products will provide the greatest value contribution?
  • How can the potential inherent in biochemistry be put to optimum use in the company’s product and process portfolio?
  • What does an effective value-adding network need to look like? And how should the degree of vertical integration (value add) of the company be shaped to optimize results and liquidity?
  • What demands does strategic planning place on the operative resources for engineering, process optimization, and maintenance? What can be done within the company in terms of quality and economic efficiency and what should be supplied from external sources?

management excellence

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