Consumer Goods

Industry-specific challenges

We are seeing the behaviors of shoppers and consumers change and become more fragmented in the majority of markets. Depending on the situation, a single shopper will on one hand spend time hunting for online bargains and on another be willing to pay a premium for convenience. Global re-distribution of wealth and the rising number of middle-class families in emerging markets continue to fuel this exciting industry.

A consequence of these differentiated shopper requirements is that the number of retail formats is increasing. Frequently digitization changes the way retailers interact with their customer but also the entire business model of the enterprise.

While trade regulations are loosening, especially in the European Union, regulation is increasing in the area of public health, food safety, and product traceability. Sustainability has become a key topic, bearing competitive chances but coupled with significant risk if companies fail to comply.

Manufacturers need to deal with the growing significance of emerging countries. New and unknown players either from these countries or from neighboring industries drive competition. Today manufacturers are exposed to dramatically higher risks, often resulting from disruptive innovations that impact the market, and also from growing price volatility in the sourcing markets.

All sourcing markets, and even the agribusiness, are further globalizing, too. Sourcing regions are shifting and will continue to do so, as can be clearly observed in agricultural regions. In parallel productivity of the suppliers is continuously increasing.

The industry is constantly changing, however one fact remains stable: Your bottom line will continue to remain under pressure.

Key questions for successful companies

  • What is the right strategy to achieve competitive advantages by leveraging your company‘s differentiating capabilities?
  • How does your company need to act to avoid getting trapped in saturating markets and continue to grow profitably in the most promising markets?
  • How can you build a lean and agile organization that will allow your enterprise to react to market opportunities with speed and flexibility?
  • Which opportunities do you have to boost operations and sustainably fund your growth agenda?

management excellence

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