Industry-specific challenges

The competition between energy producers and suppliers has risen in a very essential way. The focus now is on market share and margins, business structures, and distributed systems. And, naturally, also on new service models: on the one hand, in dealings with large-scale industrial customers for whom energy has become a very important production factor; on the other hand, in dealings with private customers who are frequently customer and supplier at the same time. All of this increases the complexity of internal and external processes significantly. As if these challenges weren’t enough, the energy business has also become the punching ball of political interests and is often being pilloried. Politicians are deregulating, regulating, and subsidizing in a constant cycle. Consumers keep complaining of rising energy costs and are often barking up the wrong tree.

Key questions for succesful companies

  • What product and service segments open up strategic growth prospects? And what would the corresponding business models and organizational structures look like to turn these prospects into reality?
  • What value-adding architecture can be used to win market shares? And, how can the degree of vertical integration (value add)  be shaped to optimize results and liquidity?
  • How can risks in energy infrastructure projects be limited and controlled? What methods are best for successful project management – standard as well as specified?
  • Are there alternatives to conventional practice to improve customer service in regard to consulting, support and invoicing to produce an added value – and that for both parties: for the customer and for the supplier?

management excellence

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