Industry-specific challenges

The steel industry is a fundamental and key industry without which Germany as a home to industry would have no future. 3.5 million are employed in steel-related businesses in Germany. Europe is still the second largest steel producer worldwide. But for how much longer? China produces almost five times as much steel. And the U.S. is improving their competitive standing internationally with the help of a national shale-gas and energy revolution. In comparison, our steel corporations are producing steel under disadvantageous framework conditions: the energy and climate policies are a burden, planning and investment prospects are unforeseeable. But, if we want industry, we also have to want steel.

Key questions for successful companies

  • What business models have a chance given global overcapacities and declining contribution margins? And in what direction could the product portfolio of the steel producers be changed and improved?
  • Are there scenarios and models that will make long planning and investment horizons calculable?
  • What are the affordable solution approaches to more energy efficiency and fewer CO2 emissions?
  • Can production planning and process management be made even more flexible? If they can – by adopting what methods?


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