Production planning and control

Adhering to schedules, short delivery and response times as well as a cost-efficient allocation of products – these are the important requirements for profitability and growth. But the best laid plans rarely pan out: delivery dates cannot be met, capacities and demand are not coordinated, the allocation of products to production lines is not optimum et cetera, et cetera. The bottom line: production planning and control repeatedly battle short-term emergencies and exceptional situations instead of running continuously and on time.

The maexpartners consulting approach

We start by establishing a coordinated approach to scheduling and communication. All relevant corporate functions are taken into consideration – from purchasing to engineering, from work preparation to production and sales. Using actual data, we generate verifiable statements on actual capacities and delivery times. This is how we analyze and optimize details in production planning and control.

The Factors to Success

We know that the implementing of plans under live conditions and the confident use of the available tools depend on the experience of the involved employees. We are thus available after completion of the concept to assist with implementation and even manage production planning and control as needed for a limited period of time. Our advantage is that we have management experience in production planning and control in a wide range of industries. We know what it means not to blow our tops under pressure, but to keep a level head.