Process and Organizational Planning

“Structure follows strategy” was Alfred Chandler’s famous maxim that is still valid today. However, we now know that this principle alone doesn’t solve all process and organizational problems. What is also needed is a balance of strategy, process, structure and behavior to shape an efficient and effective organization. But anyone who believes that organizational restructuring alone can solve all of a company’s problems is usually missing the target.

The maexpartners consulting approach

The challenges in planning corporate processes and structures are on the one hand to derive the terms of reference logically from the corporate strategy and, on the other hand, to develop the optimum sequence initially and separately from the corresponding organizational structure. At the operational level, the first thing to do is solve the How before moving on to the Who in a second step.

The Factors to Success

  • Organization of the process landscape in logical units
  • Critical assessment of the units with an eye on their value-add contributions
  • Organizational re-design in cooperation with the stakeholders

To describe a process, maexpartners uses a swim-lane system developed specifically for this purpose which provides a much more intuitive view of the process than “classic” standard explanations.