Supply Chain Exellence

The supply chain manager becomes Chief Operating Officer

For some time already supply chain management is no longer understood as supplier logistics. End-to-end supply chain management has become common practice in many companies and thus includes the logistics to the customers and often also the complete after-sales service. This development takes into account the increased requirements and simultaneously reduces existing interface problems. In this sense, it would be only logical to define production as an integrated SCM function. All SCM components – purchasing and logistics, production and after-sales service – would become the responsibility of the Chief Operating Officer.

Our range of services

As experienced SCM consultants we offer our clients support not only in “traditional” SCM topics such as inventory optimization, logistics outsourcing, or supply chain re-engineering, but also regarding up-to-date industry-specific solutions. Other topics include the minimization of supply chain risks and operational crisis management. Basically we keep a holistic perspective – from the supplier of the raw material to the end customer. We consciously include the company’s value creation in the concept development process.

Special offers for the plant construction industry include:

Construction simulation in plant construction
Plants are becoming more and more complex and must be installed in ever shorter time periods, involving ever more concerned parties. This increase in complexity does not of course stop outside the construction site. The construction site is the hot spot where all the mistakes emerge that are made both during the preparation period (engineering, procurement, logistics) as well as during the installation itself Out consulting approach models these highly complex interrelations with the help of a dynamic system simulation. The model pictures the site including the essential sub-systems according to the planned construction site structure. Together with our customers, we can simulate various installation concepts, logistics solutions, incidents, but also the use of resources and auxiliaries within a very short time. In this way we are able to determine the best alternative courses of action.

Supply chain management in construction
In the EPC business management of the complex supply chain is gaining importance in addition to the classical disciplines of engineering. maexpartners develop specific solutions to cope with more demanding global value chains. Target is to enhance the organization’s competence to cope with short project durations, remote site locations and global value creation networks. We define effective interfaces and ensure a sustainable behavioral change for both internal employees and external partners, resulting in an agile supply chain network. Competitive advantages can be realized through three main aspects: end-to-end analysis, the consideration of supply chain risks and lean design of material and information flows.