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Offsite strategy session

February 2023 | Offsite strategy session of the Plant Engineering and Construction team

We often get questions from our customers such as “How to transition into the ongoing Green Revolution”, “What can we do to embrace digitalization leading to process efficiency”, “What are the new ways of working” to name a few. Our heavy machinery and plant engineering division recently got together for a two-day offsite strategy and retreat session to set the road for 2023 and beyond.

The location setting for the event was the city of Detmold, away from the hustle and bustle of our headquarters in Düsseldorf. Our team set base in the new coworking space named “stunt space” overlooking the old city lanes and offering the perfect mood to discuss the way forward in a relaxed setting.

Among the agenda was creating new and unique offerings to integrate and transition our current and upcoming clients into future-proof pioneers in their field. With a multitude of innovations and technological advancements coming out every other day, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the transitions that can make or break our partners success. Emphasis was laid on addressing the importance of amalgamating sustainability and digitalization topics that can be driven to shift and lift the EPC business.

The evenings were well spent exploring the quiet city of Detmold and a visit to the famous “Privat Brauerei Strate” where the intricacies of beer brewing were explained along with tasting a plethora of niche alcoholic beverages. The retreat also served as an excellent platform for our younger consultants to interact with the more accomplished partners. The combination of enthusiasm and experience resulted in many actionable takeaways that the team would look to implement in the year going forward.  

We look forward to what the future holds in this exciting sector and are confident in delivering maeximum excellence to our clients while elevating the competency of our team!

Author: Abhishek Hiresave