Customized Solutions.

We are experienced consultants with industrial backgrounds as well as a large network of specialists. We support multinationals and small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. Our services offerings are holistic in approach: from process optimization to radical reductions in cycle times and turnaround to digitization and Industry 4.0.

Yet we do more than develop concepts. We also actively support implementation and assist your team with operational realization

Our roles in your projects

Expert / Knowledge Provider

The expert provides deep expert knowledge on products, processes and/or methodologies. Based on profound knowledge and experience, the expert gives input to set, validate and review the directions of development.

Mobilizer / Networker

The mobilizer enables the overall progress by a pleasant assertiveness, and strong networking skills. He/She brings topics up to speed and ensures that the drive is kept up throughout typical hurdles, such as organizational, administrative or motivation difficulties.

Moderator / Workshop Leader

The moderator supports the client teams in developing their own solutions. Backed by the core competence of moderating groups of people, the moderator provides methodologies, frameworks and formats, often in workshops, to enable the team developing a shared target


The coach develops personal skills of selected employees, to enable them fulfilling their (often new) roles and responsibilities. Build on subject-specific experience and a strong interpersonal foundation of trust, the coach provides continuous trainings and feedbacks.

Capacity Provider

The capacity provider supports the project by getting work done. The qualified skillset enables the capacity provider to make progress with high productivity on a variety of tasks and topics.

What makes us different


We develop a customized solution

along with an individually suitable pace for implementation. We do not bring a copy and paste solution.


We integrate ourselves

into our clients organization and their daily business. We want to feel the pain and understand the internal perspective in addition to the external perspective we bring along.


We leverage our knowledge

from both success and failure that we gained through far-reaching experience in the industry and in consulting business.


We challenge our clients

but we do NOT overload the organization and its people.

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