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Plant Engineering and Construction

We ensure excellence in the EPC business

Driven by cost pressure, international competition and increasing risks, stability and efficiency have been the main challenges facing plant engineering and construction for decades. Projects are often calculated too tightly from the outset, and the necessary margin can only be realized once service operations start. If projects go wrong, the effects are huge.

The “green shift” offers entirely new perspectives to the industry. Engineering contractors now face growth opportunities and pressure to innovate, playing a key role in the decarbonization of the industry.

51 percent

greatest realized lead time reduction

360 million euro

accumulated sum of failure cost avoidance throughout all projects

100 projects

experience from more than one hundred projects

What we do

Our goal is to build custom solutions – with you. There is thus a need for consultants with industry experience who can look back on years of project experience in the specified consulting fields. It is the only way to move beyond purely conceptual work to achieve real change.

We prevent your EPC project from failing

  • Project implementation strategies
  • Objective project assessments
  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Tendering support
  • Development and evaluation of project schedules

We put your EPC project back on track

  • Project and progress reporting / earned value
  • Tracking of deliverables
  • Radical lead-time reduction
  • Planning of and presiding at project meetings
  • Project team support

We enable your organization to make your EPC business a success

  • EPC competence assessment
  • Integrated scheduling
  • Data structures and data architectures
  • Modularization, standardization, and value engineering

Our claim

We help our clients overcome existential challenges. With our holistic approach to consulting, we are able to realize a genuine paradigm shift in the company and thus radically improve effectiveness.

Thorsten Helmich and Niklas Klein-Avink | Partner


How we implement sustainable change

Energy Sector

Energy Sector

A reactive-power compensation system was offered with an innovative hydrogen cooling technology. The management of the experienced plant manufacturer for the energy industry wanted to ensure that the project did not spiral out of control despite its many new aspects. Thanks to an objective evaluation of the project status focusing on its technical implementation and project management, we were able to identify and address critical challenges early on. This prevented nonconformity costs and penalties in time.

Cement Industry

Cement Industry

A cement plant was sold with a 24-month lead time and correspondingly high contractual penalties for delays. Owing to various factors, as the project progressed, the schedule ran to a total project lead time of 36 months. We radically reduced the lead time by introducing new planning structures, a new process flow sequence and detailed tracking of engineering deliverables. This put the schedule back on track at 24 months.



A client regularly fell short of their own growth targets and was hesitant to take risks on EPC projects, owing to the past frequent failure of these kinds of projects – with negative consequences. We prepared an objective decision-making tool for their EPC business which revealed a clear prospect for development. We supported the strategy by identifying the necessary potential development to be able to manage and carry out high-risk projects. Implementation included sweeping organizational changes as well as improvement of the project execution capabilities of all functions within the EPC value chain.


We’re looking forward to hearing from you

Thorsten Helmich

Dipl.-Ing., MBA

Thorsten Helmich


Niklas Klein-Avink


Niklas Klein-Avink