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Our services at a glance

We are your contact for complex procedural and organizational changes. Our consultants are specialists with broad industry experience who actively promote the implementation of tomorrow’s efficiency solutions. Working with us is challenging but rewarding – we mobilize people, advance issues and challenge core beliefs to find the best solution. Whenever you need industry-savy leaders, mobilizers, coaches or movers and shakers to really make things happen – let’s get in touch!


We put your company in a position to master challenges – of today and of tomorrow.

  • Strategic Repositioning
  • Efficiency increase & cost reduction
  • Adaptation of footprint, processes and organization
  • Holistic turnaround and restructuring concepts

Value Creation

We secure your success – through a systematic focus on markets, customers and the competition.

  • Capability-based grwoth strategy
  • Realignment
  • Product portfolio optimization
  • Strenghtening of the service business

Process and organizational development

We realign your organization to achieve common goals efficiently, realize above-average performance, succeed in interdisciplinary cooperation and create consistent accountability.

  • Global engineering networks
  • Organizational design
  • Supply chain empowerment


We help your company to successfully meet the multiple challenges associated with sustainable management.

  • ESG strategy
  • Green operations
  • Green growth strategy
  • Sustainable transformation
  • Sustainable packaging